Targeted Review of Qualifications

ServiceIQ is currently working with industry, employers and tertiary training providers to review the vocational qualifications available for our sectors.

These reviews are part of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s (NZQA’s) Targeted Review of Qualifications. The review was initiated in response to concerns raised about the clarity and relevance of the wide range of regional and national qualifications on offer in New Zealand.

The aim of the review is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are useful and relevant to learners, employers and other stakeholders.

Reviews for each subject domain aim to reduce the total number of qualifications on offer, remove duplication of qualifications, and provide clearer pathways for learners through training. This process will also help both learners and employers better understand the skills outcomes of various qualifications.

Local or provider qualifications will be replaced by a smaller number of New Zealand qualifications, offered nationally by training providers as an off-job option or through ITOs for people in the workplace.

ServiceIQ - Aviation, Tourism and Travel Reviews

2011/2012 ServiceIQ-Aviation, Tourism and Travel led collaboration with industry and tertiary training providers to review existing qualifications for aviation, tourism and travel.

This involved looking at the current and future skills needs of industry, relevance and duplication of existing qualifications, and what changes need to be made. Both reviews included extensive stakeholder consultation.

Governance Groups made up of senior industry and training provider representatives were established for tourism and aviation. These groups provide strategic oversight of decisions made during the review process, and will sign off final qualification maps and work plans for the revision of qualifications.

More information:

2010/2011 ServiceIQ - Aviation facilitated a review of pilot training qualifications, which resulted in a reduction in the number of sub-degree pilot qualifications from 28 down to two New Zealand Diplomas. The new Diplomas are now being offered by flight training schools around New Zealand Read more here.