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Training Pathway

21 years working in casinos across 14 countries

“I believe that people want to be challenged, they want to learn and if you can provide an environment that provides that they will stay on.”

Ask Brett Anderson, Chief Executive of Christchurch Casino, what the secret is to running an award-winning tourism business and he’ll tell you it’s all about people.

With 554 staff contributing to the Casino’s service delivery, training is vital to ensuring customers enjoy a consistently high-quality experience that’s a cut above the competition. Brett’s HR and training teams work with *ServiceIQ to upskill staff in both customer service and specialist casino-based skills such as gaming, security and surveillance.

He encourages people at all levels within the business to get involved in training and has recently signed up his entire staff to the KiaOraMai customer service training programme.

“At the end of the day it’s a people industry. It doesn’t matter what side of the bar or table or restaurant you’re in, it’s about people and people’s experiences. If our employees have a great experience they’re going to stay with us and when our customers have a great experience they’re going to come back and tell others,” says Brett.

“Training is an integral part of being able to provide that experience – it’s giving our people the resources, the knowledge and the confidence, and empowering them to be able to provide that level of service.”

Staff value the opportunity to work towards the National Certificates offered through *ServiceIQ's training programmes, particularly with a high number of Casino staff having recently moved to New Zealand from other countries.

“For a lot of people it will be their first New Zealand qualification and that’s really important to them,” says Brett. “There’s a huge sense of pride and accomplishment, which is great.”

Brett says he believes the training contributes to staff retention, as well as a strong culture of learning and a team that takes pride in its work.

“I believe that people want to be challenged, they want to learn and if you can provide an environment that provides that they will stay on.”

His team works closely with *ServiceIQ’s staff in Christchurch and Brett says.

“It’s a collaborative effort. They [ServiceIQ team] are there for you if you need them in terms of support or information or knowledge. The relationship is just a consistent solid relationship. The local support is excellent and I know the HR team really value that and the ongoing communications.”

*1 January 2013 the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO), the Hospitality Standards Institute (HSI) and Retail Institute (RI) merged, transforming into ServiceIQ - the service-based Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the aviation, tourism, travel, retail, wholesale and hospitality industries.