Performers at Te Puia, New Zealand's Māori Arts and Crafts Institute (Photo: Te Puia)
Performers at Te Puia, New Zealand's Māori Arts and Crafts Institute (Photo: Te Puia)

ServiceIQ is committed to building the representation of Māori in employment and training across our sectors.

Māori are the tangata whenua of our land and make up 15 per cent of the total population of Aotearoa New Zealand. ServiceIQ has objectives to ensure this percentage is reflected in the number of Māori who work in our industries and the number completing industry training.

Māori currently make up 8.29 per cent of our total trainees.  Over a quarter of these trainees are working in the tourism sector, with the second-largest group employed in aviation services.

As an industry training organisation, our role is to ensure we work alongside Māori to deliver training solutions that meet the cultural needs of Māori trainees and workplaces. As well as helping promote industry training and employment for Māori across our sectors, we work closely with Māori businesses – particularly in tourism – to help them build their organisations through investment in people.

Training for business

Our National Certificate in Tourism Māori [Level 3] is designed to deliver on the unique training needs of Māori tourism businesses, helping trainees gain an understanding of the values that underpin Māori tourism, tikanga Māori practices, basic te reo used in tourism, cross cultural communication, and foundation skills for those working in the visitor services industry.

A strategy for the future

Our  Māori strategy, Ko Nga Rereketanga Te Oranga  (2009 – 2012), sets out ATTTO’s medium-term goals:

  • To ensure the learning needs and training aspirations of Māori are reflected in ServiceIQ’s services and qualifications
  • To build our internal capability in tikanga Māori, raise awareness of issues that affect Māori in employment and education, and increase responsiveness to Māori industry training needs
  • To build and maintain credible long-term relationships with Māori stakeholders
  • To work collaboratively with other agencies and stakeholders to improve training, education and employment outcomes for Māori

Our Cultural Awareness and Development Manager helps oversee the delivery of our Māori strategy, build relationships with Māori stakeholders, and ensure ServiceIQ has the internal capability to deliver on our Māori objectives.

Read our Māori strategy (PDF)