How we develop qualifications

ServiceIQ develops and reviews all of its qualifications in conjunction with industry representatives before they are submitted to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for evaluation and registration.

Qualification Development Process 

1.  Industry Advisory Group (IAG) formed 

IAGs are made up of representatives from the industry and training providers who have significant experience in the field relevant to the qualification being developed.  Individuals may be nominated by the industry, nominate themselves, or be selected by ServiceIQ.  A focus group session with the IAG will be held to assess the requirements for the new qualification and the units that need to be included, before work on developing the qualification commences.  

2.  Draft units developed 

After the initial consultation with the IAG, ServiceIQ will develop a draft of the components of the qualification.  This identifies what unit standards – including specific knowledge and skills – will need to be attained in order to achieve the qualification. 

3.  IAG consultation and feedback 

Once a draft of the qualification has been written, this will be presented back to the IAG for their feedback and suggestions.  This phase can take a long time as industry representatives discuss and consult with ServiceIQ on requirements to ensure they meet the skill needs of the industry.  

4.  Unit standards sent to NZQA for evaluation 

Once the unit standards that make up the qualification have been agreed by the IAG and ServiceIQ, these are sent to NZQA for evaluation.  NZQA will carry out a quality assurance check and, if they are satisfied, the unit standards will be registered on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS). If there are changes required, the unit standards will be sent back to ServiceIQ for re-working.

5.  Qualification submitted to NZQA for evaluation and registration

Once the unit standards have been approved and registered, the qualification (Certificate or Diploma) can be sent to NZQA for assurance checking, approval and registration to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

All of ServiceIQ’s qualifications are reviewed every five years and reviews follow the above process.

How to get involved

If you would like to be part of the qualification development process by contributing to an Industry Advisory Group for the aviation, museums, tourism or travel sectors, then please contact ServiceIQ.